Every great idea started in a backyard

About Us

History of Dade Cresties Corp.

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     We are three friends who grew up together sharing the love for reptiles for decades. Alfredo Agromayor, Bryant Rodriguez and David Delgado helped each other succeed in life and business.

Back in 2001, Alfredo had his first crested geckos a pet at home. He owned several leopard geckos before. All they ate were crickets and meal worms, which makes these reptiles very easy to maintain. David found these animals fascinating and Bryant showed them the potential of Dade Cresties. We represent the county where we live. The team is proud to say we are South Florida breeders and being part of Miami-Dade is a plus.


There is a lot to learn about this vibrant colors and energetic little monster! Unfortunately there wasn’t much information when Dade Cresties was founded because not many people knew about them. Then one day Alfy found an article written by Allen Repashy about the Crested Gecko titled “The Perfect Pet Gecko.”  After extensive research, he also found Allen Repashy’s special “Crested Gecko Diet” from the SandFire Dragon Ranch on T-rex products; and immediately he was impressed about the possibility of raising a gecko on a Non-Insect diet and they would thrive. He was convinced that this indeed  was the “Perfect Gecko.”  From there our love for crested geckos blossomed. Bryant and Alfy through the years purchased many different ones and attempted a few times at actually breeding them but they had no success. David was always into reptiles and loved animals. He had experience dealing with several different species of reptiles since he worked at a Pet Shop for some time. David didn’t actually own his first gecko until 2013, named Butterfingers.

    In 2012, we met a good friend and mentor Eslin Jimeranez from Crazy Red Gecko and purchased a few morphs from him. Eslin took us under his wing and showed us everything we needed to know on how to breed, incubate, and properly care for them. If it wasn’t for him we probably would have never been able to created this family and been able to achieve having all the beautiful lines we have today. Eslin is the founder and operator of Crazy Red Geckos and we are proud to say we have him by our side doing business with us. This is one of his geckos, follow him on Facebook 10710881_411948988961966_7146402014945360004_n Crazy Red Gecko by Eslinfacebook-button-like-lg

     In 2013, after picking up two beautiful extreme babies from Crazy Red Geckos, we decided to come up with a name that would represent Miami Dade but also have to do with Cresties. We contacted Livan Garcia from Grasshopper Plus, and within minutes he had an idea on what to do. When we saw our logo for the first time, we knew that this was going to become something great! None was better than Dade Cresties, I knew that was my name and logo since the first time I saw the design (expressed Alfy, our CEO). We came up with a name that everyone can remember easily and also people would relate to Miami Dade. This was the beginning for a small businesses that has been the income source for more than three families. We are committed to never stop growing to doing better to society. Help us make our dream real to bring jobs back to the United States. We support veterans, minorities and young entrepreneurs like us.

It is now 2015 and Dade Cresties Corp grew even bigger when last year Jany Caso started working with us as the Chief of Operations. We are going to hustle to show the new generations that hard work really pays off. Being in business means taking hard decisions and seeing the long term with hope and faith. We have been able to establish Dade Cresties network and with a good amount of products available to the new reptile owner or to an experienced herpetologist. But its not going to stop there, we are now working on making Dade Cresties more than just geckos and reptiles. Screen Printing is a big part of us but that is another story! 🙂





Working ProcessOnly Three STEPS

1. Check for eggs and see how your gecko looks 2. Clean through the entire enclosure 3. After changing paper towels, place food inside!

Proper Nutrition and Comfortable Enclosure

Prepare your food before handling your pets and make sure you have handy all necessary supplies. Keeping up a strict feeding routine you can guarantee a long life for your gecko. Enclosures for Cresties shouldn't be to small or to big. See our Care Sheet for proper enclosure for your gecko!

Enjoy and Watch them Grow

Go ahead, play with your gecko. This is the best opportunity for you to watch closely their skin. Don't put them close to you eyes, they like jumping.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You place an order with us and we make sure one of us stay in touch with you during the entire delivery. Dade Cresties is committed to deliver quality. We stay behind our geckos and shirts.