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In 2014 we picked up on a new hobby and immediately found a passion for something new to help us expand our business and begin a new chapter for the Dade Cresties family. Screen-printing is an art on its own, also a profession not to be taken for granted. We started with a small DIY kit from Ryonet, several hours of Youtube videos, and after a few attempts we Screen Printed our first shirt. We aren’t going to show the first shirt because it immediately became a rag to help clean up the mess we would make! But soon after that we began to produce more and better, wearable tee’s that wouldn’t fade out on the first wash. And from there it’s been an amazing experience and we are proud of what we have been able to accomplish. After spending long hours learning about Screen Printing we started to invest money on actual equipment and programs to help us make it to the next level and establish another department for the Dade Cresties Family. We decided to buy our first Riley Hopkins Jr. press and since then we have been able to produce quality shirts for an affordable price. After a year or so of helping small business promote themselves by looking professional as a team we decided it was time to open up a shop big enough to help us provide services to anyone who needs help printing or advertising. Now we have a Riley Hopkins Aero 8 x 6 Manual Press, a shop to work comfortably in, and an office so we can help you design your product and wear it! Our goal is to be able to have a T-shirt line with our brand, Dade Cresties, and also produce other Graphic Designers work to help them promote themselves. Businesses like Car washes, Landscape, and etc. look more professional when they have quality uniforms. We want to be able to offer the best price we can no matter the amount needed. If you are interested in printing something on T-shirts, V-necks, Tank Tops, Polos, or any other type of garment. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote. We can even set up a demonstration of your order before you place a complete order. If you are interested in a quote contact us at or Call our shop 305-828-6040.









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