Terms and Conditions

We offer a fifteen day health guarantee on your gecko from the day you receive it or you get your money back or Store credit!

Types of Guarantees

Live arrival and Health Guarantee: We offer this guarantee because before we ship any reptile we make sure that gecko is old enough and 100% healthy.  If your crestie arrives dead, immediately contact us and pictures will be required to be emailed to us at within the first 6 hours. If your gecko looks unhealthy within the first fifteen days please contact us so we can discuss shipping back to us or what must be done to try and save the animal (We will not be responsible for a vet bill). We will inspect the gecko upon arrival and immediately offer a refund if we deemed the proper care was conducted and the gecko is indeed unhealthy. Buyer is responsible for shipment back to us in the case of a unhealthy gecko. Buyer is responsible for proper humidity in the enclosure and shedding complications like missing toes or infected tail tip is not covered under the health guarantee. With this being said, please check our care sheet for proper care of your gecko and do your research before purchasing from us, or any other pet breeder. It is important to contact us before shipping a gecko back to us because we are not responsible for packages that we do not know we will be receiving.

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are unsatisfied with your purchase you have three (3) days to notify us about your purchase but you will be responsible for the  shipping for the return. Please request additional pictures about a gecko if you feel you need to see more before you make a purchase. ONLY STORE CREDIT WILL BE ISSUED FOR THIS TYPE OF GUARANTEE. If sex was stated on our website for the purchase and it seems we made a mistake, contact us immediately so we can resolve this issue. Since it is hard to determine sex, we will determine a gecko unsexed on our website until it has passed 12 grams in size. Please be aware that hatchlings and juvie’s colors can change as they mature into adults so we morph our geckos according to the parents and what they have produced in the past. We cannot be responsible if we state the gecko is a harlequin and you purchased it because the picture showed him red. Pictures posted on our website are not filtered or altered in any way to deceive the color of our gecko, PLEASE RESEARCH MORPH COLORS IF THIS MAY BE AN ISSUE.

Accessory Guarantee:


Shipping Terms : We only ship if temps, in both locations (yours and mine) are between 35-85 degrees Fahrenheit. We will notify you 48 hours before shipment and tracking will be provided, we reserve the right to delay shipment if temps will not be safe for the geckos. OUR GECKOS SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. Signature is required upon delivery and in some cases FedEx Hub Pickups by the buyer will be required if you wish to purchase a gecko. We charge a $50 flat rate live animal shipping no matter how many geckos you are purchasing at one time. So even if you purchase ten! it’s still will be $50 dollars for shipping. Our Shipping dates are Monday thru Thursday. If the estimated shipping delivery date is for Saturday instead of Friday, we will delay the shipment until the following Monday.